Friday, December 10, 2010


Tom got a deer today bow hunting!  It was a good sized buck; not a big rack, but he was pretty big.  I know because I had to help Tom drag the critter out of the woods.  Why do hunters always bag their prey just before dark? Oh, well.  We finally have some venison for the freezer.

Went to the feed store yesterday and loaded up on chicken supplies since we are supposed to get a foot of snow this weekend.  The increase in the price of layer mash was enough to give me heart palpitations. I sure don't like what I'm seeing at the grocery and feed stores.  I bought a bag of oats to add to the daily feed.  Oats will give the chickens some extra carbs to help them keep warm. I banked the bags of wood chips I use for bedding against the walls to act as insulation, and the bags of feed stacked in the small storage section should act as insulation, too, so this weekend when the temps get down to -0F and below, the coop should be cozy. 

I baked Christmas cookies all day today for us, Dad, and to send to Sarah.  The house sure smelled good.  I made chocolate chip, chocolate chip raisin, fudge and peanut butter chip cookies, gingerbread men, and dark and light almond bark.  Lara wants me to make some Hersey Kiss cookies and brownies, and I want to try making Pfefferneuse -- that's something I haven't tried baking before. 

Oh, I almost forgot -- my sister found me a spinning wheel at the thrift store (her second home) for $25!  My Dad is looking it over and I'lll pick it up tomorrow when I take him some good chicken soup and Christmas cookies.  A spinning wheel AND a loom.  Wow!  And to think that both items came to me out of the blue.  Must be meant to learn how to use them.  I think that's very interesting.  I'll post a picture as soon as I can.

Well, I'm pooped from dragging that deer out of the woods so I'll leave off for now.  Be safe and well!


  1. Oh a spinning wheel! That's wonderful! and definitely one thing I haven't seen at our Goodwill or St Vinnies. Have you made anything with your loom? I'm a little behind on keeping up on my favorite blogs. If I don't stop in before, have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!

    Beth aka oneoldgoat

  2. Hi, Beth! I'm still studying how to warp and string the loom, though I have decided to make about 6 yards of fabric that I'll sew into a much needed couch cover. We just painted the living room so I can choose the colors for the fabric now. I still have to do the math and figure out how much of each color yarn I'll need. I am looking forward to weaving. You have a great holiday season, too. Bless you and yours!