Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Call Me Frustrated

Well, we finally have a new computer.  I went to C-Net and checked out their reviews and top computer picks, talked to Tom about differences among various makers, and we decided on the Gateway 4831-05 desk top.  It runs on Windows 7 x64, and I bought a 20" LCD monitor.  After letting my daughter set it up, I suffered death by a thousand cuts until I broke down two days later and reinstalled Windows.  Once I did that, at least the computer stopped giving me any more error messages at every move I made.  The bad news is that almost all of my programs either won't run at all or have to be upgraded.  The Windows Easy Transfer wasn't, and didn't, and my HP Laserjet 1000 -- the absolute best printer I've ever owned -- won't run at all on Windows 7 x64 because HP hasn't come out with a driver upgrade for it, so I'm stuck using a Canon i860 my daughter gave us that won't feed paper properly and eats ink.  I HATE ink jet printers.  If HP doesn't come up with a driver upgrade for the Laser Jet 1000, I will NEVER buy another HP product so long as I live.  It is a slow process reinstalling and upgrading all of my most used programs, and you can just call me Frustrated!  

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