Monday, April 12, 2010

One Day At A Time

Lara's appointment with her new neurologist went very well -- no new medications or problems.  She did recommend a foot doctor for me to take Lara to see on the 23rd.  It turns out to be the same doctor that took care of Ed's ingrown nails last year, so at least she is familiar with the family.  I'm glad the appointment is in Park Falls (much closer to home).

Yesterday I worked cleaning the house.  It looks pretty good for a change.  I mean, most of the time when I clean the house it feels as if I'm losing a battle because as soon as I'm finished with a room, someone goes and messes it up.  The never ending housewife story.   I used the floor scrubber on the wood floors and they just shone. (I like to use the scrubber once in a while to deep clean.)  I dusted and took a cleaning bucket around and wiped down things like the light switches, door jams and knobs.  I like a clean house.  Now, for the basement . . . .

I worked some on Dad's sweater.  I'm sewing on the pockets and tomorrow hope to get the buttons sewn on.  I found another matching ball of yarn so I may take off the current collar and knit a hood on instead since I know Dad likes wearing "hoodies" to keep his head and neck warm.  The sweater looks very nice; it's an oatmeal tweed.

My sister and her husband stopped by and we decided to go out together on the 16th and 17th to cut firewood for Dad.  The four of us working together should get quite a bit done.

The broody box looks great!  I have to get the roofing tiles nailed on, but except for that, the box is finished.  I'll move it next to the coop tomorrow.  I can't wait to put a couple of clutches under some hens and see if they hatch out anything.  I will use one of the big Buff Orpington hens (she's a wicked old crab who shrieks and pecks you like crazy when you try to take eggs from under her) and a nice little New Hampshire hen that I think will sit well on a nest.  And while we're speaking about poultry, I ordered 100 Buff Orpington cockerels for meat birds and 15 Ancona ducklings for delivery around June 8. Lara will be so excited when she hears those baby ducklings (I won't tell her I ordered them).  Building a permanent chick brooder is my next project.  The June 8 date gives me time to prepare the field chicken skid, too.  I want to nail down 4 more pieces of plywood on the roof -- I'm just not sure the chicken wire will be strong enough to keep out predators.  I need to fix some of the tarp tie downs that broke during the winter, too.

The weather continues to be very dry and warm for this time of year.  Such weather makes it comfortable to work outside, especially since the bugs aren't out yet, but I hesitate to start any field work.  If we don't get any rain, I think I'll wait to till the field until just before I want to plant.

Well, that's about it for now.  Talk to you later!

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