Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whirlwind in the House

You don't realize just how attached you get to the computer until you can't use it.  That was my experience when our soldier girl came home a couple of days ago.  She has been staying with my sister in Chicago since she came home from Afghanistan last July where she has been looking for a job (we're ok to visit but otherwise too far from "civilization" to live with).  And what kid won't use Mom and Dad's stuff before using their own?  So, my computer wasn't mine for a couple of days.  I think even Tom missed not being able to use it.  At least this time she didn't break my DVD drive (but then I never had it fixed after she accidentally crunched my favorite CD in the drive the last time she was here.   It took me half a day to pick out the broken pieces from the case and I have to use the pointy end of a safety pin to tease the drawer open now).  In any event, she seemed happy to be here, and we were very happy to see her. 

And today already she was gone.  Tom took her to the Amtrak train depot and she went back to Chicago.  On Monday she'll be on her way to Europe again for five months of school taking a photography class.  (Don't even ask.  : \ )  I think that by the time she finds a place of her own to settle down at I will feel that I'm in a different house myself because I will have room to move around again.  I've forgotten what that feels like!  This kid accumulates stuff faster than my sister, Mary, does.  Must be a genetic thing . . . .   But I will say that I am looking forward to seeing some of the pictures she sends back here.  I do think she has a talent for photography and will be able to use it to her advantage.  Just imagine -- what an exciting time to be young -- this generation gets to build a whole new world (and tear the old one down!)! Boy, am I glad I'm not a Gen X-er; when these Pluto in Scorpio kids go to take over there will be no quarter and I won't have to listen to the whining!  Pluto personalities will appreciate that sentiment LOL, and if you don't know what I mean by that, you can check out Donna Cunningham's blog  entry for January 16th and related articles.

Needless to say I spent the day resting my nerves.

Sarah in Wales


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  1. Pluto in Scorpio!! I haven't even met any of those, but they ought to get double cupons on their Pluto score. thanks for that peek into our future! Donna Cuningham of