Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow Again

I'm glad I went to the feed store yesterday because even as I was coming home, it started drizzling, and so far today, the snow hasn't stopped.  It's still warm though, and because it has been warm, the snow pack is thawed through and walking outside is slow going.  With each step you don't know if your weight will be supported by the snow pack or your foot will plunge through to the ground.  The chickens were out for a while, but because they don't like the snow, I went ahead and shut the coop up.  I'll go out later and check for more eggs.  I have a bucket full now so I'll wash and pack them later.  It's one of those days that you're glad to be inside.

One of the listservs I belong to is the market-farming listserv. It is an excellent discussion group and covers just about any farming topic you can think of.  Well, today the list manager, Liz Pike, told us that the group is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and that she is working to move all the archive information to a new web site that may appeal to younger people interested in farming.  The site has just gone up and is not complete, but it sure is worth a bookmark if you want a farming resource.  Here is the link:
One of my favorite postings from a couple of years ago was a discussion -- or maybe I should say, "grilling" -- of a farmer who described how he made $100,000 on 1/4 acre.  We have talked about pricing products, good reference books, fencing, machinery, farmers markets, and you name it.   I'm happy to say that Liz is going to continue the listserv, too.  Subscribers will eventually be able to upload picture essays to illustrate their methods, print out articles, and all sorts of things.  To subscribe to the listserv, here is the link:

Well, Tom has the football game on and I'm going to watch a DVD.  Bye for now!

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