Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Another Busy Day

Fall is definitely in the air and the trees are noticeably changing color. It even smells like September. The weather was perfect, and I took advantage of the lower humidity to scrub the wood floors, vaccuum the basement and area rugs, and dust. I canned the chicken stock from when I cooked the chickens yesterday for the pot pie and got 7 full quarts. This afternoon, Tom and Ed came out to the field and we cut grass and filled the watering barrel. After we get the grass cut, we'll mow down the non-producing sections, turn everything under, and plant a cover crop, probably oats since I have about 100# on hand. I'd like to plant some clover, but I have to check and see if it's too late to do that. We have the short end of the field outside the fence to cut and the grassy buffer areas inside the fence. We'll let the hops section grow as long as we can. Tomorrow Tom goes to the dentist in the morning and I take Ed and Lara to bowling in the afternoon, so I'll probably butcher a couple of roosters tomorrow morning and not make it out to the field. Hopefully the nice weather will hold for a couple of days so I can get some more field work done.

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