Saturday, August 15, 2009


I went to town yesterday hoping to see my nephew before he went off to Cornell University, but unfortunately I missed him. I know that he safely reached my sister's house in Chicago where he'll stay the night before picking up I-90, so all is well so far.

I then went to our local "dime" stores -- Family Dollar and Northern Merchandise -- and picked up some detergent and bleach, and a folding file for the Special Olympics information. I spent last night and most of today entering due dates into my calendar, creating a database, and drafting merge letter templates for renewal notices and reminders. Almost felt like I was back working as a secretary! (Thank you, NOT.) I also picked up a little 3-shelf book case and put that together this morning; I put it in the kitchen next to the buffet and put all my cook books in it. It's nice to have all the cook books in one place.

My sister, Mary, stopped by and visited for a bit this morning. It was nice to see her. I thought she might be feeling kind of down because of Johnny leaving for college, but she said she was actually feeling relieved. I had to laugh. Mary is a consummate worry wort, but once the stressor is past, she's just fine and dandy. She gave me the name of an insurance agency up in Ashland to call for my liability insurance. I was ecstatic!

The goofy hens started laying eggs in an empty box in the garage. I don't know when they started that, but I found 4 eggs in the box this morning that I threw out because I didn't know how long they had been in the box. I went and checked the nest boxes in the coop, but they are all ok so I don't know what the problem is -- if there is a problem; it may just be one weird hen. I'll have to keep an eye out for wayward eggs underfoot.

Today just flew by and I am looking forward to the rain we are supposed to get tonight and tomorrow. We badly need it. Have a good weekend everybody!

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