Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time Flying By

We had snow yesterday morning -- that's the latest snow I've seen since we've been here in the Northwoods. It was on the coldish side temperature wise for the last two days; even the heat came on in the house. When I washed and re-filled the chicken waterers from the outdoor faucet, my hands got pretty cold.

The chickens are really getting big. I have one rooster that is trying to crow; can't figure out which bird he is, but it doesn't matter as after I get the planting done I'll start butchering. The chickens are 10 weeks old now. They like the roosts in the coop. Some of them like laying on top of the nest boxes better.

Tom and Ed helped me dig in the hops' poles, and yesterday I got the potatoes planted.

We'll have six long rows of Katahdin and Red Cloud. Tom re-tilled the empty section where the hops are and I am thinking about what I'll plant there. Last year's hops are off to a great start:

I checked out the wheat section today but didn't see any sprouting yet.

Tom and Ed and I went out to the field today after lunch and worked on the chicken skid. The directions from Herman's book turned out to be rather confusing. I mean, there are drawings, but really no clear instructions as to how to build the skid. We tried to follow the pictures, but aren't sure if what we are doing is correct. Anyway, we have it about half-finished and it seems sturdy enough. We brought the rafters and ridge pole back to the house to cut the rafter angles so that when we go back out to the field putting the rafters up will go smoothly. I told Tom I was thinking about putting plywood on for a more secure roof, but maybe some metal roofing would be lighter. Well, I have a few days before I need to decide. Here are a couple of pictures for you:

Today my nephew, John Ertl, graduated from UW Wood County finishing his first two years of college. He is off to Cornell on a full scholarship to complete his studies. He will be interning this summer as a unionizer. We are VERY PROUD of him and know he will do well. His sister, Melissa, has applied to be a White House page and I hope she gets to be one. All of my nieces and nephews are great kids and I think our society will be better off for their sincere community minded efforts.

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