Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planting Today

It was cloudy, chilly, and drizzling most of the day today. The moon was in Cancer so I wanted to plant as much as I could. Tom and Ed and I went out to the field about 11:30, and while Tom and Ed worked on the chicken skid I re-tilled the hops and main veggie section and then started planting. I only got two wide rows of red kidney beans and Soldier beans planted, one row of sunflowers, most of one row of Stuttgart onions and I finished that row with Mammoth dill. And that was all. The flats I took out to the field I wound up putting under Agribon with the other flats in the high tunnel. I watered everything in the high tunnel, and then worked some on tacking up feed bag patches on the end walls of the high tunnel. I poked my thumb really good once, but it didn't bleed very much. Even though the bags are just tacked up, they seemed to be doing all right keeping the wind out. I still need to finish patching the other end wall, but I think that after I get the patches tacked in place that it will only take me a day to sew them in place securely. They should suffice until I can get a chance to find out how much new panels will cost me.

Tom hooked up the new suction hose to the hand pump I bought, and we took it out to the field to see if the hose was long enough to reach down into the water from the creek bank. We had to prime the pump so I was glad I had taken a couple of jugs of water with us, and hurray! the pump works fine, so even though I will still have to haul water, at least now I don't have to go all the way back to the house to do it, and I won't have to worry about skimping on giving the plants water.

Tom pretty much finished the chicken skid so I just need to get some handles, a door latch, and the roofing materials, and I can start moving the roosters out to the skid. I will be glad to catch up with all the work. Some times it seems that all I do is "catch up". There is so much work to do. I still have to call the utility company to come and mark where the electric line is so I can fix the fence. And I still have the perennial bed and orchard sections to cut the grass on. I sure hope Bernie calls me tomorrow and tells me the chicken feed order is in -- I'm down to two bags already, and it's been over a week since I placed the order.

Well, I'm pretty beat so I'll talk to you later.

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