Friday, May 08, 2009

Another Good Day

The weather was glorious today. Just right! Tom and Ed went out to the field with me and we got the wheat planted, the seedlings watered inside the high tunnel, the hops' poles cut, and half of another garden section tilled. If the weather holds, I'll finish that tomorrow. That section is where I've had oats and wheat rotating for two years, so the ground is harder to turn under (I use a BCS 722 Harvester). If I had a bigger tractor and a plow I would have been finished, but I work with what I have and if it takes me a couple of days, then it takes me a couple of days. Anyway, I like using the BCS because I can get a closer look at the soil as I break it up, and I am VERY happy with my increasing earthworm population.

The Webinar from NCAT on hoop houses was good; more for beginners, but good. This was the third Webinar I've attended and I think they are GREAT! If this is is how education of the future looks, I'm all for it.

Well, it's going down into the 30's tonight so I'm going to make sure the garden boxes are covered. Hopefully I won't pick up any more ticks -- they are out in force and I've pulled 4 of them off me just today!

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