Thursday, July 03, 2008

July 3rd

Today, my Grandpa Wilson would have been 105. It's funny how you remember the birthdays of people you've known, especially when they've been deceased for many years. But then, I was very fond of my Grandpa. I remember that after he died, I was upset because I didn't get to say "Good-bye" to him, and soon after, I had a dream that I went to visit him. He was living in the cutest little log cabin that had a pole fence around it. When he saw me, he came and took me fishing at a little stream that ran by the cabin. We caught some fish and were walking back to the cabin, but when we got to the fence, he told me I couldn't come past it. He told me that "later on" I could come back and go fishing with him again. I have never forgotten that dream. Anyway, I was thinking about my Grandpa today as I mowed grass in the field.

It was a gorgeous day for cutting down the grass. I got a good sized section cut inside the fence. Don't know if I'll get to cut more tomorrow as it is the 4th of July, but I would like to get it all cut before it gets rained on. I suppose it doesn't matter if it gets rained on though as I only use the grass for mulch and soil building. When I can afford it, I'll buy regular baling equipment, but until I lose 80 pounds, I'll cut grass the hard way and the baling equipment will be a gift to myself for losing all the weight!

The beans are actually looking pretty good, and the veggies in the high tunnel are doing ok, too. Most everything else looks like it is standing still in the garden --not growing because it is too cool. At least the tomatoes seem to have stopped dropping their fruit. I need to plant my fall carrots and rutabagas.

The pics posted are of my Willamette and Cascade hops, St. Valery carrots, heirloom tomatoes (the found and second seeded batch), and beet greens finally sprouting underneath a hay mulch. I'm glad I finally remembered to take some more pics!

Well, it's getting late and I'm bushed.

Oh! Our Sgt. Sarah is going to Ft. Shelby with the 783rd MPBN on the 8th. Don't know if we will see her before she goes to Afghanistan or not. Here's a link to what she did while at Ft. McCoy:
She couldn't make it home for the 4th because her address is messed up with the Army and they wouldn't pay for her to go to Wisconsin. C'est la vie!

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