Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time to Chew Data

Today I finally had a chance to call my friend, Jane, and catch up on what happened at the Price Driect meeting last month. I was rather disappointed with what she told me, but the news was not unexpected. It looks like the group will lay down and die. But, as Jane says and I agree, something will rise from the ashes when people realize Price Direct is gone. Jane kindly emailed me most of the results from the PD survey she sent out. There was a 8% response rate, which I thought was above average for a mailed survey (I would have thought 5% response was doing good). In order of importance to them, people were most interested in there being a(n) (1) co-op, (2) outlet store, (3) atlas, (4) newsletter, (5) kitchen, and (6) Web site. The most helpful aspect of Price Direct to each respondee was (in order of importance) (1) the Atlas, (2) newsletters (3) notice of marketing opportunities, (4)the opportunity to network and (5) educational meetings. A small number of those responding were most willing to help with (in order of importance) (1) outlet store, (2) newsletter, (3) co-op and (4) kitchen. For all the people griped about the Atlas, the majority felt that having an atlas and being in it helped them more often than not, and the majority agreed they would like to continue the atlas and even pay to be in it. What came across to me was that as long as someone else did the work, the rest were willing to take advantage of whatever system got set up. This, I completely expected. So now what happens?

Well, I would like to see a Scales Day held in April where farmers market vendors can bring their market scales to be calibrated; the cost would be spread out over the group. I have already talked with Randy from BSI Scales in Tomahawk who is willing to come to Phillips to calibrate the scales. I think I will go ahead and contact Landis at Hermit Creek Farm and the Ashland farmers market, and Mr. Ahonen from from the Hurley farmers market to see what their interest might be in a Scales Day. If there is enough interest, great; if not, I'll tell Randy at BSI there is not enough interest and I will get an annual contract with him.

Also, I will continue to work on my two-part plan to build the kitchen incubator. I have started reading Cameron Wold's book and it is GREAT! It is exactly what I hoped it would be. What a time saver! I think it will take me probably a year, year and a half, to put it all together.

I need to take care of Lara and get suppoer on, so I'll talk to you later.

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