Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Getting Close to Christmas

Lara and I had some fun today. She absolutely LOVES the English chef, Jamie Oliver, so I signed her up to receive Jamie's newsletter at my e-mail address. (Lara's screen name is Gingerbread4u on his web site. She picked the name out herself which I thought was cute. Lara doesn't use the computer on her own so she doesn't have a separate e-mail account.) Anyway, today she received her first newsletter and was SO excited. We probably spent 2 hours at Jamie's web site with me reading the different entries to her. She wanted to post something and the only thing I could think of for us to post was the new recipe she and I worked out for a fancy holiday coffee drink. We don't drink alcohol in our house so adding an alcoholic flavoring in something is a big deal for us. Lara was really happy when her name showed up on the blog after posting our recipe. I think Lara will be extremely happy on Christmas when she unwraps the Jamie Oliver CD and DVD she is going to get.

Today is snowy and very cold. It is about 20F today, but tomorrow is supposed to be around 11F. Tom took the van to town and got Ed a haircut. Ed was really pleased with how he looked. For someone who can't talk, Ed is great at letting you know his feelings!

I made cinnamon rolls yesterday. They turned out ok -- the buns baked in the glass pans burned a bit on the bottoms, but my steel pan buns were fine. I hate cooking in glass pans! Give me stainless steel and cast iron any time. I should have used my potato sweet roll dough recipe instead of regular sweet dough -- the buns always turn out tenderer with the potato sweet dough. But, they taste good enough and are going fast!

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