Monday, September 25, 2006

Market End

This past Saturday was my finale at the Phillips Farmers Market for this year; I just don't have enough items to make the trip worthwhile. I have been invited to participate in an Open House for a new vet clinic in Park Falls on September 30th, and I do think I will try to go to that as it is much closer to home and I like to help newcomers to the community. All I have is pie pumpkins, wheat bouquets, and a few Hubbard squashes and heirloom tomatoes. One vet is from Florida and another is from Vermont. Wow! I hope Florida likes cold weather. Anyway, the Open House is from 10-2 pm on September 30, 2006 at North Country Veterinary Clinic at N14722 Kundinger Road, Park Falls, WI 54552. It is right off Highway 13, across from the old Grunerwald restaurant.

Some of my customers told me they would like to see more fresh herbs, especially cilantro, next year. Delicatta (sp?) squash was another request and more carrots and little cabbages. Fruit is a biggy. I can't wait till my fruits start producing! I got some tips on caring for my raspberries and growing peppers, which I really appreciate. I learned a lot this year and did much better than I thought I would considering the bad drought. Tom and I almost have the high tunnel up, and I have ordered 2 Wealthy apple trees, 1 Chestnut crab apple, and 1 variety called "Joyce" (I couldn't resist that one even though it is not an heirloom variety). So, I still have much work to do out in the field before the ground freezes.