Saturday, August 12, 2006

Farmers Market Today

Went to the Phillips Farmers Market today. It was my second time going there. I had a lot of fun and met some really nice people. I was surprised to see all the customers; the farmers market is starting to take off. I wish all of us vendors had more to sell! I can't wait for my small fruits to begin bearing. I sold all my mesclun, half of my zucchini squash, one wheat bouquet, and several crocheted jar toppers. I had several people comment favorably on my display. Talking about recipes seems to be a good conversation starter. It has always been difficult for me to talk to people but I think that is an acquired skill. I hope that over time I get better at it.

Today I put an overturned bucket under the table and set the bucket I put the umbrella in on top of that, and the umbrella was just at the right height. I was so happy. I had noticed last time at the market that people had to constantly duck under the umbrella to get to the table and I needed to raise it up some. I also separated the squash into their respective varieties and put them in separate wicker baskets. Doing this gave the appearance of having more produce than I actually did and gave a nice "country" accent. I was disappointed that the wheat bundles didn't sell well, but it is early in the harvest season and if I don't sell the bouquets, I know Chin Lee and Lisa 1-7 will certainly appreciate them this coming winter. This week I will make some wheat weavings and some more jar toppers.

I am keeping watch over my Yellow Finn and German Butterball potatoes; they should be ready to harvest in about two weeks. The New England Pie Pumpkins and the winter squashes are growing well. I just love winter squash! My sunflowers didn't grow nearly as tall as they should have, but they are starting to head out and hopefully by the time the potatoes are ready I can have some sunflower heads to sell, too.

Yesterday, Tom helped me put up the rafters to the hight tunnel. Boy, that was more of a job than I thought it would be. When you put those pipe pieces together they get pretty heavy! But at least I had everything plumb and squared correctly; I am very proud of myself for doing that all by myself. Now I have to put the cross bars on the rafters.

The grass is about half way cut around the fence. I hope to get the rest of it cut in the next couple of days. Then I need to cut the grass inside the fence. The work just never seems to end. Still, I like keeping busy and the work helps me lose weight -- I have lost 30 pounds this summer so far. I need to dig up the dead fruit trees, and I will move the elderberries, probably to the south end of the field.

Well, I think I'll leave off for now. Talk to you soon!