Friday, May 19, 2006

Lovely Day

Today the weather was absolutely perfect. I got up early and took care of Lara, then let out the chickens and headed out to the field around 7:00 a.m. It was cloudy and sprinkled a bit, but the sun was soon shining. There was a nice breeze, not too strong, and the morning passed quickly. I worked on the tightening up the fence wires. I ran out of Daisy in-line wire strainers and will need to order some more. Boy, are those things nice! I went back to the house around noon and grabbed a bite to eat. Tom had been busy planting in his garden. He and Ed came back out to the field with me around 1:00 p.m. after I took care of Lara again. He turned over the soil in the pumpkin patch again and then used the hiller/furrower to make rows throughout. Meanwhile, Ed and I pounded in 19 more fence posts and stretched the woven wire. I am going to wind up with arms like Rosie the Riveter! I would like to get probably about 20 more posts and a couple of bags of T-post insulators. The fence is starting to look pretty good! I can't wait to get it where I want it to look. Of course, a 10 foot woven and high tensile wire fence isn't any good without a gate! Still, I will get everything done as soon as I can. By the time we were done with the fence posts, Tom was done with the pumpkin patch, so I took the BCS and went down the vegetable section and scraped the sides of the raised beds. The moon is good tomorrow for planting and my Red Norland and Katahdin potatoes came from Ronnigers today, so I will be out again tomorrow planting. I wonder when Shumways will ship my sweet potatoes. I feel good about getting so much done!