Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Another Day and Fond Farewell

Today I had a follow up with the doctor and the good news is I lost 12 pounds and dropped my blood pressure 8 points.  The bad news is she wants me to see an ENT and neurologist because I'm having dizzy spells and ringing in the ears.  She says that periodically falling down with no apparant symptoms is not normal.  And she upped my blood pressure medicine.  Rats.  I'll keep working on the weight and maybe I will or maybe I won't take the new dose of medicine.  I have to admit it -- I'm a notoriously bad patient when it comes to taking medicine.  But I will see the other doctors because I know I need to have my hearing checked -- what? what did you say? -- and seeing a neurologist can't hurt.  The doctor is also going to order a scan of Lara's leg just to make sure she doesn't have a blood clot.

My second order of Tattler canning lids came today.  I figure I'll need to make at least one more order to have enough lids for all of my jars.  I've been buying about 9 dozen of each size at a time and that number is manageable with our household budget.  I haven't tried them yet since I plan to use up all the other lids I have first.  I figure I can recoup the cost of the lids in only two years of use.

My neighbor, Beth, stopped by today with a farewell gift of homemade cookies and candy.  She and her husband live here in the summer and then roam in their RV visiting friends and family in warmer climes over the winter.  I know a lot of people like to do that, but it wouldn't suit me; I'm more of a hermit.   I admire people who tend to be flexible like that.  I, on the other hand, look forward to fires in the wood stove on frosty mornings and putzing in my basement when the snow blows working on various crafts.  This year it will be learning how to use my loom.  I will miss Beth and look forward to seeing her next Spring.  And the cookies and candy are delicious!  Of course, Tom was the first to "sample" them LOL.  Did I mention that food doesn't last long around here? 

The crescent moon was so beautiful tonight.  I wish my camera took better pictures at night, but I always seem to jiggle the camera and night pictures rarely turn out the way I'd like them to. I should ask my Brown-Eyed Baby (a.k.a. Soldier Girl a.k.a. Cousin It a.k.a Sarah) what kind of camera she would recommend since she took that photography program over in Scotland. 

Indian Summer starts on November 11th.  Watch it be freezing cold and snowy!  I shouldn't complain though.  We've had really nice weather for the most part of this Autumn (excepting the October 27th over the land hurricane).  Normally we have snow on the ground by now.    It would be nice to have a few more nice days for the chickipoos' sake.  Some of them are still growing out new feathers and really cold weather would be hard on them.  They are only laying about 3-5 eggs a day now.  It is good that they can still go out on the grass and in the woods.  They stick pretty close to the chicken coop now and I expect the wood chips in the coop are warmer on their feet.  They are looking very sleek with their new feathers. 

Well, I have to go and exercise so I'll catch you later.  Be safe!

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