Friday, September 03, 2010

Every Day is Good for Something

Today's weather was a stark reminder that my garden's good growing days are numbered.  It was a cold day with heavy dark clouds.  It rained off and on all day, and the wind gusted too much for my liking.  I wanted to pick corn but it was too wet.  I did pick the last of the green beans, only because I intended to can them for our use.  I don't harvest in the garden for the farmers market when it's wet because I don't want to chance spreading any plant diseases or contend with the harvested produce growing mold as I don't have a cooler to store the produce in before going to market.  I won't be going to the farmers market tomorrow because I would only have potatoes, onions, and garlic to sell, and I don't think I would sell enough to make the trip worth the while.  I do hope to get out in the field to assess everything tomorrow.   I would sure like to have some tomatoes.

So, I canned the green beans.  It took me most of the day, but there wasn't much else to do.  The chickens spent most of their day inside the coop.  I think they didn't care for the cold and wet any more than I did.  I bagged up for tea the dried comfrey leaves I had in the dehydrator, and I made a batch of comfrey syrup with the leaf stems. (Comfrey root makes a stronger medicine, but the leaves and stems can be used, too). I read  that the CDC is expecting an increase in whooping cough cases primarily in the Midwest and Northeast United States this winter due to the very cold and wet winter that is being predicted, and I read in one of my herb books that comfrey is very useful to treat whooping cough and other respiratory conditions.   It was kind of weird that I read about the expected increase of whooping cough cases after making the comfrey syrup; I hope that wasn't an omen.

I met a new neighbor today.  His name is Jim Bloom and he lives down the road a ways.  He stopped by today and bought a dozen eggs.  I hope he likes them.  I am happy to be meeting more of the neighbors.  I now know Shane from The Midway Bar; Dale and Cathy down at Camp One; Larry and Carrie across the road; my Aunt Lois; my Dad; Ira; Mike and Beth; and now, Jim Bloom.  Howdy, Neighbors! 

We had the Special Olympics meeting on Wednesday.  I went to the meeting while Tom stayed home with Lara and Ed.  (He didn't mind because there was a replay of the Chicago Bears pre-season game on the tv).  At the meeting we decided to keep the group going.  We decided to keep the competition aspect open for the athletes so even should we not have enough athletes to compete in sports as a team, the athletes can still compete as individuals.  We decided to contact Flambeau Lanes in Park Falls to see if they can accommodate our group for bowling, and we will seek the financial backing of the Lions Club (especially since Lara is a blind athlete) and the Knights of Columbus.  We do know that bowling at Flambeau Lanes will be much more expensive than it was at Feits.  I am going to get a date from Diane Barkstrom, our farmers market manager, for having a bake sale at the market on the last official market day that coincides with the Fall Festival in Phillips.  And Tony Erba, our agency manager, is still trying to find out from Special Olympics WI at the Madison office what we should do with the money that has been raised for our group.  He also let us know that he and his family may be moving to Milwaukee.  Jonathan's parents have relented and will get Jonathan's medical authorization renewal completed so that Jonathan can participate as a Special Olympian, and Justin may be persuaded to come back and bowl with us. We are looking into other sports that our athletes might be able to participate in, too.

Well, it's getting late so I'll let you go.  Be well!


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Hello ElderberryWine4u...

    I just happened upon your blog while searching for a how to make sauerkraut directions. My folks have been making kraut for years and I am going to try to make some on my own this year. I want to surprise my folks with my own homemade. They make theirs with just cabbage and pickling salt. Mom used to can it years ago but somehow she decided to freeze it one year and that works great, too.

    I am excited to read your blog as I just live in Park Falls and grew up in Butternut. I have been past Ledvina's farm many times on my way to the Flowage. Thanks for a very interesting blog...

    Penny R.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Penny. Good luck with making your sauerkraut!