Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Rain Today

No rain today, but because there were no clouds I decided to stick close to the house and get some low level chores done.  The work was mostly shaded and the mosquitoes weren't bad because there was a pretty nice breeze all day.  I planted the Antonovka apple tree out in the back yard next to the blackberries and hauled manure from the pile next to the chicken coop all over the place.  I replanted the big plastic pot next to the garage door entrance where my now defunct bay laurel tree was with the few herb plants the chickens didn't eat from last year's disastrous herb garden where the wild roses, mint, and artesmia now grow.  (The chickens leave those things alone.)  I gave everything a good drink of water and before I knew it, my watch read 4:00 p.m.  It was a quick six hours!  Tomorrow is supposed to have more clouds, but we also have Special Olympics tomorrow afternoon, so there isn't much I can do outside tomorrow.  Still, I'm feeling pretty good at all the work that is getting done.  Catching up on the little chores really makes a big difference.

Tom and Ed went and helped Dad split some more wood out on the hay road.  They got a huge load split and loaded onto Dad's trailer with more yet to do.  I thought the bugs would be bad in the woods, but Tom said the wind blew straight down the hay road and kept the bugs off them.  Some of that maple was so big they had to roll the pieces onto the splitter with a make shift ramp.  I know that was a job!

Still have a few rows out in the field to weed and I hope to get to that this weekend. 

Be well!

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