Monday, April 12, 2010

Wisconsin Pickle Bill Changes

Well, I shouldn't be surprised that the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) just couldn't leave the passage of the Wisconsin version of Minnesota's "Pickle Bill" as passed by the Legislature  (  After all, Government can't trust people to act independently without permission, can it?  On March 24th an "emergency rule" was passed that additionally requires:

(1) producers of home canned goods to pH test their products and keep a record of each test for two years;

(2) The producer must register annually with the DATCP at no cost (yet);

(3) The producer must complete a home canning safety course or follow an approved written recipe that reliably ensures the safety of each home-canned product.

A permanent rule to take effect (possibly) in 2011 would additionally allow the sale of baked goods.  I say "possibly" because according to the article from the March 31, 2010 The Country Today -- that this information is taken from, "A scope statement to begin (my emphasis) the process for the permanent rule also was approved."   

I think I'm peeved at DATCP because today in the mail I received a contract renewal for accepting WIC-FMNP coupons and while reading over the contract I noted that I now have to separate the items on my farm stand at the farmers market and label those items that are not covered for sale by the coupons so that purchasers using the coupons aren't "confused" by what they may or may not purchase.  I just have to wonder how long people are going to put up with these never-ending ridiculous government mandates.  Anything that helps the little guy is immediately stepped on. 

Think I'll stop frothing and go listen to Tony's show, The Remedy, on The Micro Effect.


  1. Governments are the same all over the world Im affraid! They make it so hard for the small opperators,it hardly seems worth while.
    Dairy farmers in Australia cant sell raw milk either..there is a local organic dairy farmer that sells,'Cleopatra Bath Milk' Its the only leagal way he can market it.They sell it at the little organic shop I work at in town.Alot of people but it to 'bathe' in...*ahem*, well thats what we think *wink*
    Love your blog :0)

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM

    So will you be taking advantage of the Pickle Bill? I'm an Associated Press reporter in Milwaukee looking for people who now sell home-canned foods that they couldn't sell before. If you'd be okay with a quick interview please e-mail me, Dinesh Ramde, at dramde(at) Thanks.