Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Stuff That Glitters

Radio reception where I live is pretty lousy so I like to roam the Internet and search for radio shows to listen to, or surf YouTube for short videos to watch.  On Fridays I like to listen to the Zeta Talk show on The Micro Effect.   I hardly ever get to really listen to it because it comes on at our supper time, but I still try to tune in.  Anyway, on that radio station I happened to catch part of a new show called The Remedy.  (I don't know if it really is a new show on The Micro Effect; I only just noticed it.) As a person very interested in alternative medicine and natural health practices, this show really grabbed my attention.  I hopped into the chat room to get involved in the discussion with the show host, but wouldn't you know it, I got a phone call that took me away and I missed the rest of the show.  The next day I located the host's web site and wound up migrating to his YouTube site where I spent almost the entire day absorbed in watching his fascinating videos about making natural remedies.  This guy, Tony P., is a real treat to watch.  He is very down to earth and his instructions are easy to follow.  I thought I would post one of his two-part videos here for you to see what I mean:

I equate surfing the Internet with gold mining, and the web sites I uncover are my gold strikes.  It certainly is fun on dreary days -- like today when the Chicago Bears are getting clobbered . . . .  Some times I positively feel like a billionaire from the knowledge I mine -- and it sure helps to forget about the Bears. 

We had a good 3" of snow that happily is now melting, but the damp is miserable.  The chickens like staying in the coop.  I will have to buy them some more feed this week.  Too bad the green grasses will soon be gone and they will be dependent on mash.  I have a bag of oats and will start adding some to their feed now because the oats give them more carbs to better weather the cold.  I will be happy when this snow melts (and I think it will) so I can finish bagging the leaves up and stacking them around the coop for additional insulation.  And, there is still the rest of the garden work I need to do.

Well, I have to collect eggs again.  See you later!

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