Sunday, August 23, 2009

Farmers Market

It was really great to finally be able to get to the market yesterday and see everybody! I met a new vendor, Phil, from Circle J Farm, and got to say hi to all the regulars.

We have a new sign!

I think it's great how the town of Phillips supports the farmers market.

There was a steady run of customers. The day was chilly, but at least it didn't rain. It felt really good to see many of my old customers. I didn't have all that much to sell, but I have to laugh because you always wind up selling the one thing you thought you'd bring home -- and for me, it was the dill. I thought everybody would have dill, but apparently, the herb didn't grow for many of the vendors. While I had no parsley grow for me this year, Larry from Larry's Greenhouse, says he has a full row of parsley and no dill. I thought I'd sell out of my Bull's Blood Beet greens, but wouldn't you know it, no one wanted the greens. They all wanted the beets. I did sell some of the Golden Amaranth leaves. (This is my first year growing Golden Amaranth, and so far, it is a great plant in the garden!) And, of course, what didn't sell I brought home and canned for us. I left out a jar of the amaranth leaves to eat as we haven't tried them yet. I like to be able to tell my customers first-hand what the food tastes like and how to prepare it. Some of my customers can food so I'll be able to tell them how the amaranth worked out.

Let me introduce some of our vendors:

The Czerniaks (I hope I spelled that right!) from Taylor County. Mary Lou and her sister (I'm sorry, but I can't remember her name) always have a wide selection of produce to choose from. I bought my Red Warty Thing squash from them last year and as none of my pumpkins or squashes grew this year, I'm hoping they'll have some to sell later this Fall. They come from as far South of Phillips as I come from the North.

Here are Alan and Diane Barkstrom (Diane is our market manager). This grand couple is the driving force behind our market. They sell great honey and maple syrup.

Meet Larry from Larry's Greenhouse:

Here is John (he's shy) and his friend (I'm sorry -- forgetting names again):

It was John who found a scale certifier in Medford for us, so our market can boast that it now has three certified scales! He even took our scales down to Medford and back for us. We're not a fancy market, but we are definitely community minded and considerate of each other. We have great hopes for the market. We welcome new agricultural vendors. Our market rules are clear and simple.

I just realized that I missed getting a picture of Phil from Circle J Farm, so I must apologize to him, and I'll try to get a picture of him for the blog next week.

I have to finish building my farm sign and get some eggs sold -- I'm out of room in the little egg refrigerator and Tom won't appreciate taking up space in the kitchen frig. Better make some lemon blueberry pound cake! At least my new freezer is coming tomorrow afternoon so I'll be able to start butchering the rest of the roosters. I can't wait to stop having to listen to complaints about the chickens.

I have customer requests for shallots and sage for next week! I'll go around and check what herbs I can bring. I know I have a little coriander, sweet basil and summer savory. There is some catnip and spearmint, but I'm not sure what shape the spearmint is in. I have several perennial winter savory plants, but they are small and I think I'll leave them alone for this year. Out in the field I have calendula, borage, tansy, sweet and bulb fennel, and Sweet Annie. And the hops should be ready any time now. The temperatures got down to 37F last night so let's hope I'm not badly surprised when I get out to the field.

Guess I'll close this entry with a pic of Yours Truly in action ;D:

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