Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Solstice

With two mornings in the 30'sF last week, I guess I am not surprised that nothing looks like it is growing in the field. Still, I think I planted in enough time to be able to get produce this year -- no early crops, but Fall only. And I am confident that everything will grow because I planted with the moon.

Today I spent all day cutting the grass around the the sections with the brush mower. I wanted to cut it today because we are expecting rain and I want to use the grass as mulch. So, if we get a good rain tonight, I'll be out tomorrow raking grass around everything to help keep in the moisture. If I was cutting the grass for animal feed, I would have waited till we had a good dry spell -- usually around the 4th of July. Cutting the grass was very hard work, and I didn't quite finish, but that's ok. I'll be cutting the rest of the grass and in the orchard soon enough.

Speaking of orchard trees, my Westfield-Seek-No-Further and one of the Wealthy trees didn't make it through our horrid winter. I think I will place an order with St. Lawrence for two new apple trees -- haven't decided on a variety yet -- and a couple of grafted plum trees. My moving the shrubs out of the perennial bed is leaving a nice area for new trees! I guess I just have the orchard bug! The asparagus bed is shot so I will look for a new place to start it again next year. And now that I cut the grass and can see what is growing, I'll move the gooseberries and whatever raspberries I find this Fall to the house.

I checked the garlic for scapes, but there are none showing yet. A good rain will let me weed the garlic more easily tomorrow. The horseradish is weedy, but looks good, too. A big can of compost should make it take off.

Dad was cutting wood today, and Tom and Ed were out cutting up the trees that have fallen from winter and storm near the house. I am glad to see him feeling stronger.

Our Sarah called. She is back in Detroit and will have a week's leave so she wants to come home, probably the end of June and hopefully she'll be able to stay through the 4th. We will certainly have a good bar-be-que for her! I'll call Dad and Mary and see if they want to come. Maybe we can do a day trip to the Apostle Islands; it's been over 10 years since I was there. I know Sarah would like going there.

I'm beat so I'll leave off for now. Happy Solstice Everybody -- the days start getting shorter now!

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